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Q.  How will I know which courses to take?
A.  Our curriculum can improve the technological and business proficiency of students across all backgrounds and specializations.  Depending on your expertise, we will suggest enrolling into one of our Professional Programs.   Alternatively, you can work on fulfilling specific knowledge gaps and choose from a wide variety of specialized courses.   Our staff will help you identify your training needs and recommend courses that will benefit you most.  

Please call (800) 631-1406 for more information or email
Q.  How will I benefit from the training?
A.   Our training focuses on technical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills, nurturing the assets employers value most.  We will give you the tools and knowledge to drive successful projects and become one of the most sought after specialist on the market.
Q.  When do your courses start?
A.   We know that our students lead busy lives.  Work and other obligations may make it tough to attend classes.  You need flexibility!   Our convenient day, evening, and weekend hours mean courses can fit into your busy schedule.  Each course is offered several times throughout the year.   Pick the class schedule that best suits your lifestyle.   We frequently update our Schedule to include new classes.  Also, please refer to the Course Listing section for detailed information.
Q.  How do I register for a class?
A.   Here's how you can register:
  • By phone:  Call 1-800-631-1406
  • On-line:  Go to the Enrollment page.
    We will contact you to complete the registration and to arrange for the payment.
  • In-person: Attend an Orientaton Seminar or call for an appointment.
Q.  What are the requirements to enroll in a class?
A.   We require a High School diploma or GED, and recommend that individuals have an associate degree or above.   You must be at least 18 years of age to enroll in the class.  Please refer to Course Offerings section for specific course pre-requisites.
Q.  Will I receive a completion certificate at the end of the course?
A.   Yes, you will receive a certificate and the official school transcript upon successful completion of each course.
Q.  Will I get assistance with a job search?
A.   Yes!  We have partnered with respected recruiting agencies that will guide you through the job searching process.  In addition, we can offer you assistance with interview preparation, resume writing, participation in a real-life project on the internship basis, and provide references upon successful completion of the program.
Q.  Will CTC accept an unemployment or low-income grant?
A.   Yes, CTC is an approved training provider in the states of New York and New Jersey.  Please visit your local One-Stop to speak to case manager who will start the process.  You can view the list of NJ One-Stop locations here and NY One-Stop here.   Please note, you can apply by place of residence or place of employment.  Example if you live in NY, but worked in NJ you are eligible to apply for the training grant in NJ.   For additional information or consultations please call us at 800-631-1406 and our career counselor will be happy to assist you.
Q.  Do you provide financial assistance?
A.   Yes, CTC has partnered with Sallie Mae, the leading provider of education funding.   Salle Mae offers Career Training Loans to CTC’s students.  Please visit our Financial Assistance page for more information.
Q.  Do you offer any discounts?
A.   If a student enrolls into a professional program a discounted program tuition will apply.   Also, please refer to our Special Promotions section for a complete list of current discounts.  All offers are valid up until the expiration date if one is specified.
Q.  What is the course cancellation policy?
A.   For all programs of 20 instructional hours or more, you can cancel your enrollment prior to the beginning or during the first week of the class with full tuition refund (registration fee is non-refundable).   For complete information on class cancellation and refund policies please refer to our course catalog.