Strategies For Setting Yourself Apart In An Interview – Part I

Q: How do I respond to the question “Why are you the best for this position?”

-In all your responses, remember to provide examples and details.  Don’t just say, “I’m a diligent and responsible person.”  Follow up with an example such as, “ At my last job, I was given a critical project with a very tight deadline.  Given the time constraint, I reorganized other priorities and worked late for 3 weeks to ensure timely delivery of a quality product.”

- Success in a technical role requires much more than just technical knowledge. Don’t underestimate the importance of soft skills; your communication, interpersonal, facilitation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, as well as diplomacy will all factor into the hiring decision.

- Be sure to discuss your strengths in these areas, provide examples and quantify your accomplishments, whenever possible.

-Convey enthusiasm for your job and everything you do.  One memorable candidate response I received to this question was the following:  “In all aspects of my life, I am curious and passionate about learning. As a teenager, I liked to take apart and reassemble computers to understand how they work.  Today, my technical skills remain sharp because the same degree of curiosity and attention to detail goes into my work, as I probe under the surface of all problems.”

-Discuss what you do to be more efficient and productive in all areas of your life, not just work.  This will send the message that you are result-oriented and give 100% all the time.

-A unique & memorable response will make you stand out.  Take the time to come up with a personal, poignant or humorous answer to this question that will resonate with the interviewer.

This article was posted by Chiron’s Director of Career Services, Julia Shamis. Stay tuned for more information on this subject coming from our Business Analysis, Quality Assurance and Project Management instructors.

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