Resolution of Silverlight automation issues using QTP 10.0

Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating rich media applications and business applications for the Web, desktop, and mobile devices. Unfortunately up until very recently it has been impossible to automate the regression test of the applications build using this platform – there had been multiple unsuccessful attempts to enable the test tools (like Selenium, QTP and TestComplete) to identify the objects of the applications

Our Senior Quality Assurance instructor, Tanya Varshavsky, found a solution to overcome Silverlight and Flex automation issues using QTP. This solution is now recommended by HP and published on HP QA forum site.  Way to go, Tanya!

Challenges faced:

1)      QTP is not recognizing Silverlight objects for the new Clause Tool application.

Cause of issue:

1)      QTP is not installing all .Net components while installing with the default options using the MS GO script

2)      Silverlight version installed on the system (4.0) is not supported by QTP

Procedures to overcome the issues:

1)      Install QTP (If doesn’t exist on system)

2)      Install QTP 10 Patch for the Web2.0 technologies This can be found in location:

  1. Web 2.0 Feature Pack with PreRequisites ( ) – In case you do not have MS Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET framework
  2. Web 2.0 Feature Pack without PreRequisites ( ) – In case you already have the above two softwares installed.

3)      Uninstall Silverlight Player (If already exists on system)

Install Silverlight 3.0 player using go script from

4)      Reboot system and launch QTP

5)      If license is not automatically updated, install the license

6)      Select addins .net, Activex, Java, Visual Basic, Web (All child options), WPF Silverlight.

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